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Shop Policies

Learn More About Our Offerings & Policies:

I'm happy to shorten chain lengths on necklaces for you prior to shipping at no additional charge. Just leave me a note at checkout with your desired chain length. 

The vintage and antique items sold here have been pre-loved. I try to select items that appear to have lots of life left in them but occasionally these pieces show signs of their age. I don't do too much cleaning because I personally prefer the natural patina they've acquired over time. That said, if you do prefer your items on the shinier side (especially jewelry) please just leave me a note at checkout and I'll do my best to polish it up for you. I also don't mind if thing aren't in completely perfect condition because small imperfections suggest the piece has been around the block and probably has some good stories to tell. I promise to note any imperfections that I'm aware of and take photographs of said imperfections. If you have further questions about a particular item or require more photographs just give me a shout- I'm happy to help!


General- If your silver, brass or gold-filled pieces tarnish you can shine them right back to their former glory with a jewelry polishing cloth (these are easily found at your local bead shop or online). Please don't shower or swim with your jewelry on as this can potentially damage your jewelry (especially if your jewelry is plated it will make the plating wear off faster). 

Vintage/ Antique Jewelry- Please handle these pieces with extra care and love as they've already done some living and could be on the potentially fragile side. Ya never know so better to play it safe.

Storage- For the longevity of your jewelry it is best to store in a dry location. Bathrooms are strongly advised against for jewelry storage as the moisture can erode plating or cause unwanted patina. 

Serpentine believes in giving back. We periodically donate a percentage of the profits from our online shop to organizations we love. Organizations we have supported in the past include The Equitable Giving Circle, The Okra Project, The Black Resilience Fund, The Free Black Women's Library and The Loveland Foundation. If you have suggestions for places you'd like to see us donate to in the future please drop us a line.

Let's collaborate! I'm always open to chatting if you have some ideas on how we could work together! (Past collaborations have included photo shoot styling, pop ups and custom jewelry work using vintage family pieces). Let's chat!