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The Art of Handmade

wax carving for jewelry
I just wrapped up a pop up event and realized not everyone understands what I mean when I say the jewelry is handmade... We live in a world where we expect everything to be fast and so many things are made to be disposable. When I say that the jewelry is handmade I mean by my own two hands and in the slowest way possible. Each piece begins as a piece of wax that gets cut, carved, sanded, sculpted and melted (ever so carefully). My preferred tools are simple: an exacto knife, a file, sandpaper, a lighter, a heat pen and some old wood carving tools that once belonged to my partner's grandfather.
wax carving processI
I dream up a design and sketch it out with pencil and paper and then open up my tool box to figure out how to execute it. The process takes a really long time: it's meditative and it's an exercise in patience as well as letting go (some designs take multiple attempts). Once I create the wax model I send it off to have another small local business create a silicone mold and then cast it in metal using ancient techniques. After I get the metal castings back I finish them by polishing, oxidizing, adding chains and any embellishments before they're finally ready to be sold. It's truly a labor of love! And it's an act of defiance in a way: to choose to create and purchase items made slowly, thoughtfully and with longevity in mind. My jewelry is the opposite of fast fashion. It is created to last a lifetime with you: supporting/ comforting/ empowering you on your journey and to hopefully be passed on as an heirloom down the line. It's hand made with my literal blood (that exacto knife is sharp), sweat and tears (hey, it happens). And each piece is imbued with a genuine love for the process and my dreams of creating something of beauty with meaning.
wax carving for jewelry
All that to say, thank you for being here, for your support and for appreciating the magic in artistic expression!

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