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Symbolism in Antique Jewelry


Antique Gemstone Identification

Antique Victorian Lily of the Valley Locket

Antique Victorian Hand Brooch

Antique Victorian Pansy Ring

Antique Victorian Snake Brooch

Antique Victorian Forget Me Not Brooch

Antique Victorian Fly Ring

 You may have noticed as you've perused my site that I gravitate towards curating themed collections... I have a particular soft spot for jewelry that is both timeless and symbolic. In Victorian times everything was steeped in rich symbolism- especially the jewelry. It adds such a charming level of mystery to uncover these secret meanings. Here are some favorite examples (and above are some symbolic Victorian pieces from around the web on my wish list)...

Hands:. Loyalty, strength, romance, fidelity. Hands holding a flower or clasped together often signified friendship and were given as a token of affection.

Hearts:. Love, passion, charity.

Eyes: Protection.

Crescent Moons:  Female spirituality/empowerment, change.

Sun:  Power, glory.

Stars: Direction and guidance.

Swallows: Faithfulness.
Peacocks:  Beauty, knowledge.
Phoenix: Rebirth/ rising again.

Snakes: Rebirth, transformation and healing.

Spiders: Wisdom and hard work.
Butterflies, Scarabs & Cicadas: Transformation and rebirth.
Flies:  Mortality, secrets/ secret keeping.

Horeshoes, Wishbones & Four Leaf Clovers:. Good luck and protection.

Anchors: Guidance and strength.

Keys: Guardian, authority. To enter somewhere (often in relation to the heart).

Arrows: Mortality and love.

Daggers: Honor, justice, protection.

Skulls:  Death, mortality.

Forget Me Nots:  Remember me, true love.
Pansies:  Thinking of you.
Roses:  Love, hope, joy.

The Secret Meaning of Stones: During the Victorian era it became popular to use stones to spell out secret words which was known as acrostic jewelry. To break the code you need to know the first letter of the name of the stone (Amethyst= A, D= diamond, etc). The most common words you'd find spelled out this way was REGARD. 


Below are some of the symbolic offerings you can find in the shop...

Antique Crescent Moon Brooch

Antique Crescent Moon Brooch

Vintage Silver Shooting Star Brooch

Vintage Silver Shooting Star Brooch

Vintage Wishbone Brooch

Vintage Wishbone Brooch

Antique Victorian Horseshoe Brooch

Antique Victorian Horseshoe Brooch

Vintage Four Leaf Clover Necklace

Vintage Four Leaf Clover Charm Necklace

Antique Victorian Locked Heart Lover's Brooch

Antique Victorian Locket Heart Brooch w/ Forget Me Nots

Berbo Studios Victorian Language of Flowers Bandana

The Language of Flowers Bandana

Antique rose statement bracelet

Vintage Wide Rose Bracelet

Vintage Silver Spider Brooch

Vintage Silver Spider Brooch

Antique Filigree Butterfly Brooch

Antique Butterfly Brooch

Vintage Black Onyx Scarab Charm Necklace

Vintage Scarab Charm Necklace

Antique Victorian Horn Snake Bracelet

Antique Victorian Horn Snake Bracelet


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