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Symbolism in Snake Jewelry

Cobra Woman
Antique snake bracelet
Antique snake necklace
Vintage snake bracelet
Antique snake bracelet
Antique snake bracelet
Antique snake ring
Antique snake brooch

Snake Jewelry Symbolism

It's probably no secret that we adore snake jewelry around here especially antique snake jewelry! While many people fear snakes in real life (I do) there's something so powerful about wearing them! The fascination with snakes dates back thousands of years and fine examples of snake adornment can be found in ancient Egypt and Rome. In Victorian times snake jewelry exploded in popularity after Prince Albert famously proposed to Queen Victorian with an emerald headed snake engagement ring. This sparked an enduring trend where snakes came to represent romantic notions of eternity. The snake motif  also came to feature  prominently in mourning jewelry signifying eternal love, healing and endings/beginnings. The fact that they shed their skin also leads to associations with transformation and rebirth.
Above are just a few examples of exquisite snake jewels that haunt my dreams! In case you're curious I'm also sharing my personal snake jewelry collection below!  Some of the current offerings are also highlighted below which are available for sale here  ! 
vintage snake jewelry collection
vintage snake ring
antique snake necklace
vintage snake brooch
vintage snake ring



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