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Serpentine Fall Look Book (Part 1)

serpentine handmade and antique witchy jewelry

Serpentine vintage antique and handmade witchy jewelry

Serpentine hanmdade witchy jewelry

serpentine handmade talisman jewelry

serpentine handmade and vintage witchy jewelry

Serpentine handmade sentimental jewelrySerpentine vintage and handmade talisman jewelry

Serpentine vintage and handmade witchy jewelry

It must be the Season of the Witch! Isabella wears rich layers of jewelry from both our vintage/ antique collection and wax cast collection. It's a Maximalist Fall Harvest Queen Daydream to celebrate the shift in the seasons!

Photography, Jewelry Styling, Florals, Concept by Serpentine.

Makeup by Isabella. Clothes (models own).




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