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Inspiration behind the new collection

Curious about the inspiration behind our new collection of handmade wax cast jewelry designs? I've compiled some of the source imagery that I was referencing while making each piece to give you a little window into the jewelry design process. As a vintage and antique jewelry lover and dealer these new designs are antique inspired with a deep appreciate for timeless, symbolic jewelry of the past. I hope you enjoy this little window into my jewelry obsessed brain (haha) and hope you love the new pieces as much as I do! xoxo
serpentine wax cast witchy snake necklaces
The Snake Crystal Necklace was inspired by antique Art Deco and Victorian snake jewelry and a fondness for Victorian snake rings with stones set in their heads. 
serpentine handmade wax cast witchy evil eye necklace
The shape for the evil eye charm necklace was inspired by ancient Egyptian eye of Horus amulets.
serpentine handmade wax cast witchy snake bracelet
Serpentine's wax cast snake bracelet was inpsired by ouroboros images (a snake eating its own tail). 
Serpentine handmade snake necklace witchy jewelry
The coiled snake necklace (& earrings) were modeled after a vintage snake pin that was once sold as part of our vintage jewelry collection (first image) and a vintage spiral snake clip on earring design. 
serpentine handmade wax cast witchy spiderweb necklace
The spider/ spiderweb charm necklace was inspired by antique Victorian and Edwardian jewelry designs that feature this motif as well as the imagery of an antique witchy spiderweb book cover pictured above.
serpentine handmade wax cast memento mori snake skull necklace
Serpentine's snake skull charm necklace draws inspiration from antique memento mori jewelry as well as a Victorian banded agate snake brooch that was once sold as part of our antique jewelry collection.
serpentine handmade wax cast mourning jewelry necklace
Our In Memory Of carved charm necklace was based off antique Victorian mourning jewelry and in particular the locket pictured in the center which is a piece from my personal collection that I wear daily (it holds a photo of a beloved pet and was a great comfort throughout the grief process). 
serpentine handmade wax cast good luck charm necklaces
The lucky horseshoe charm necklace was inspired by an antique Victorian brooch design. 
serpentine handmade wax cast moon lucky 13 charm necklace
The lucky moon 13 charm necklace was based off an antique Italian copper protection amulet in the collection of the Pitt Rivers Museum.
serpentine wax cast scarab beetle charm necklace
Serpentine's scarab beetle charm necklace was naturally inspired by antique Egyptian designs, a love of antique insect jewelry and this vintage gold scarab charm necklace in particular. 


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